Thursday, July 26, 2007

Starting Over

Right, so I said I'd be back when I had dealt with real life. Well, here I am! I don't quite have everything figured out yet, but am making substantial progress and moving forward on all fronts. New job (check), new place to live (hopefully check next week to move Sept. 1), new men . . . okay, not so much on that one.

Presently I am staying with a friend who was kind enough to allow me to bring Buca along with me. I'm getting a bit claustrophobic here, to be honest, as it's only a studio, even if quite a large one, and friend appears to have romantic aspirations even though he's being a complete gentleman. It's a very quick commute to my new job which is as a server at a high end Mediterranean/Turkish/Lebanese restaurant.

I know, I know, many will think I'm selling myself short by being "just a waitress." Well, fuck off. The truth is that I can bring home more in cash (mostly tax free) doing this than I ever did as a paralegal. And, to be honest, I'm burnt out on office work for right now. I need a break from the rat race. I need a supportive, fun work environment that taxes not only my mind (multitasking, upselling, generally being witty and charming) but also my body. And trust me, it taxes my body. This place is big and requires a lot of walking.

Unfortunately, I was unable to bring Chico with me, so in accordance with the contract I signed when I adopted him, I returned him to the humane society. After having to put Shelby down last year, it is quite possibly one of the hardest things I've ever done, but with time running short I didn't really have any other alternatives. But the biggest news re: Chico is that Chico wasn't a chico at all; Chico turned out to be a CHICA! During one of Chico's many escapes, she must have gotten some ghetto booty and ended up pregnant. I noticed Chico was eating a lot more and getting fat and being moodier than usual - I just thought it was adolescence. Until I saw the nipples coming out and sussed it. So Chico gave birth to 3 kittens on July 3rd; the first was in the birth canal too long and came out dead and nothing I could do would revive it. The other 2 were fine and healthy and Chico turned out to be a great mom. I understand from the lady at the humane society that they were fostered out until the kittens are old enough to be weaned, and then all will go up for adoption (after spaying/neutering). I'm confident all will find good new homes; Chico is still young enough to be kitteny playful and will be good for someone wanting a slightly older cat that's not yet an adult. Still, it scares me, so I'm tapping friends to go over and put in applications to adopt them.

Hmmm, what else? I lost about 40 lbs. during all the stress due to not eating for days on end. Not the healthiest way, I know, but damn does it look good! You wouldn't believe how differently people treat me now, both guys and girls. My black pants for the restaurant fall off me and I have to put my apron strings through the belt loop in the back to keep them up. I need new ones but can't afford them as am saving all money (just started making it after 4 days of training last week) for a new place to live.

Which leads me to that - have found a small brick 2 br rowhouse very close to work within my price range. The girl living there needs a new roommate as hers is moving on Sunday. She's okay with Buca, and the deposit is low, and the rent includes, well, everything including internet and cable. It's your quintessential traditional G'town rowhouse, tall, thin, exposed brick, fireplace. I love the pics, and the girl sounds easy-going and laidback. I'm going to see it Monday evening, so wish me luck that she picks me and Buca. I say that because it's a relatively recent DC phenomenon that finding a place to share has become a popularity contest, with some seekers going so far as to bribe the renters! I guess I can offer the 50% off at the corporation's restaurants and my cooking prowess. And Buca. Hopefully that's enough.

Now I just have to work my ass off for the next month to get the money for a) deposit, b) 1st month's rent, c) new bedroom furniture (left everything behind, long story, won't be told here), definitely to be from Ikea.

I guess that's it. I'm still interviewing occasionally for paralegal jobs that sound really appealing, but I'm quite happy to stay in the restaurant for a year.

Hope all is well with everyone out there. Cheers.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Not good

Things here not good, so blog will be suspended until I get some things figured out. I apologize for worrying anyone, but I can only concentrate on so many things at a time, and real life comes first.

But for an update, IRM is out, dating others, and planning to move soon and make a new start in life. Feels like it's time.

Hope everyone else is well and I'll be back, rest assured.