Monday, April 04, 2005

Do blondes have more fun?

I looked like hell as a blonde. Mind you, I've got olive skin and dark hair, so the blonde might have been a bit much. Okay, to be honest, it looked like hell. But I've recently seen a discussion about why blondes attract more initial attention than brunettes, and the subject is up again on The Bachelorette tonight. (Okay, I'll admit I often watch some crap tv.)

Do they really? I didn't have more fun as a blonde. In fact, I think I look better with darker hair than my natural dark brown color, although not quite blonde.

I do have to say that this Bachelor looks like an asshole.

In other news

Our shower is being replaced completely tomorrow, including bathtub. Unfortunately this is supposed to commence at between 7:30 and 9 am tomorrow (what's with not giving a specific time, especially for the first morning appointment?!). In any case, at least when I get home tomorrow we'll have a renovated bathroom.

Work continues to go well. They give me 2 week long (or longer) projects and then leave me to do them. Very nice and a big change from the normal where I was bothered all the time.

Found out today that Young Attorney I'm working with is only a year younger than me. He's very nice, and was a professional musician for 7 years before going to law school. I might just have to see if there's anything there. Who knows?