Friday, January 26, 2007

Possum Love

So Monday morning I stepped out onto the "smoking deck" and encountered my landlord, who pointed out to me that there was a dead opossum in our backyard. No, really, it wasn't playing possum, it was really dead, as evidenced by the fact that it was still there days later.

This made me very sad, as I have a special fondness for urban wildlife. Possums aren't the cutest things; in fact, they're kind of ugly, but they are cute to me in that "so ugly they're cute" way. I had seen a possum in our front yard close up last summer, and saw one many times in our backyard. I thought there was only one in the neighborhood and that was it for possums here.

So I'm happy to report that while I was outside a few minutes ago smoking, I heard a rustling sound. Much more than our plethora of squirrels make. I waved my arm around to make the security light go on, and there I saw it: another possum. This made me unaccountably happy.

Urban wildlife survives.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

PSA: Cats Are Dangerous

And I've got the proof.

Monday night/Tuesday morning I awoke in the wee dark hours needing to go to the bathroom. Not all that unusual a thing. I stumbled sleepily from my bedroom into the bathroom, only to have the Naughty Crack Kitten From Hell aka Chico get tangled up in my feet, which made me fall face first onto the corner of my bathroom sink.


Cleaning up blood at 3 am is NOT fun.

So I ended up with a bruised and swollen right side of my face, swollen nose which was tender to the touch, and a really impressive split lip and gouge out of the inside where my teeth wento into my lip. Spent Tuesday at home on pain meds alternating trying to sleep with putting bags of frozen veggies on my face. By Wednesday things were to the point that I could cover my few bruises and go to work. Today, miraculously, the bruising is almost gone and the lip just looks like I have really full, luscious bottom lip, although it still hurts in places and is numb in places. I expect that will take a week or two to heal completely.

Just warning y'all: those furry little buggers really can be dangerous, so stay on their good side!

And no, I'm not about to post any pics of my face like this. Tuesday I looked like a Picasso - use your imagination.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Argentina Dreaming

I have no idea why. It sounds like an amazing place. The people are beautiful, the land is beautiful. Horse culture is big. I can teach English. They have no quarantine on importing pets. Of course, their economy is still crap and I'll make peanuts, so that's why I think I'm just going to move down to Argentina next year, learn to tango, find me a nice polo player and fuck like rabbits. Yeah, that's a plan.

Oh, crap, first, New Year's Resolutions:
  • Live like an adult. Pffttt, as if. Fine, at least try to keep my house somewhat habitable and not to waste all my money on stupid shit.
  • Have more fun. Think I'll be able to manage this one.
  • Go on at least a week's vacation somewhere I've never been and that has another official language. Like, say, Argentina!
  • Take better care of myself.

Now, back to Argentina dreaming. Or work.