Sunday, December 23, 2007


Well, 2007 has been a very educational year for me. I've dropped out of "real" life, supported myself in a series of dead end restaurant and bar jobs, lost pretty much everything that meant anything to me, including my beloved Buca, but in the end, it has been an epiphany I've learned what I want from life, what makes me happy, what makes me unhappy, what I can deal with and what I can't, and where I want my life to go. Now I just have to follow my plan to get there.

There's something about losing it all that is freeing. A certain sense of freedom comes over you, along with a heavy cloak of what you think you should be doing. The trick is to throw off that cloak and follow your heart, wherever it may lead. I was always afraid to do that before, before everything was ripped away and I had nothing left to lose.

Do I love my life now? No. But I can see now how I could, and I can see how I can get there, and I can plan for that.

2008, here I come!